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Hello, I'm
David Friedel

UX Designer / Frontend Developer


  • Name:         David Friedel
  • Email:          contactme@davefriedel.com
  • Location:    Denver, CO, USA

Professional Profile

Experienced UX Visual Designer
and Software Developer.

With over 20 years with large and small
organizational experience, I focus on usability
and simplicity.

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User Experience (UX) professional with expertise designing web and mobile applications. Works closely with product managers and software engineers to construct highly usable applications.

UX Design

20 years


15 years

Web Development

15 years

Software Engineering

20 years

Technical Skills

Technical skills acquired over the years in software engineering and web design positions.

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • jQuery, jQuery UI
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft MVC, C#
  • Photo manipulation skills
  • Wireframing / Axure
  • Color design
  • Marketing and Logos
  • Web Usability
  • Grid & Layout
  • Usability and Human Factors
  • Web Services / REST


Snippets of My Experience

Experienced in large, global corporate environments, small startup companies, and U.S. government organizations. This is not a complete resume, only snippets of some of my experience.

Atex Financial

UX Architect / Developer

Both UX Designer and UI Developer for flagship product Atex Vitality Score, a web application. Created all visual designs and workflows for the user experience using Sketch and InVision. Constructed HTML/CSS in a Microsoft .NET MVC environment for UI presentation layer.
Jeppesen / Boeing

UX Visual Designer

2015 - 2019
Visual Designer for product “Operator”, a startup project to coordinate all aspects of business aviation, potential $1 billion market. Designed mockups and wireframes for desktop, tablet, and phone UI formats. Visual Designer for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) tool for commercial airline pilots and flight dispatchers. Replacing paper based flight plans and weather reporting with web application. Visual designer for multi-million dollar Jeppesen/Boeing joint software product, Symphony. Worked to gain strong understanding of airline industry. Created surveys to gauge both pre-design and post-beta feedback. Worked with Boeing architects on web and mobile development strategies. Participated in Boeing/Jeppesen standards for UX and Agile methodologies.

Lead UX Designer/Developer

2013 - 2015
UX Designer for worldwide Schlage web application to control door locks. Design and layout of user experience and usability with HTML5/CSS3. Laid out new user experiences for both desktop and mobile experiences. Develop MVC.NET web application connecting to web service API’s. Implement KendoUI client-side framework with Allegion branding.
Nelnet Education

Workflow Architect

2012 - 2013
Customized UX for off the shelf CMDB system for 2500+ employees. Enhanced workflow product Changegear in Microsoft .NET. Worked closely with business analysts to wireframe and make pixel perfect mockups. Built HTML/CSS skins for 3rd party product. Constructed web layouts and tested in multiple browsers.
Additional Experience

1993 - 2012
I have been in software design and engineering since 1993. Please see my resume for more detailed information.


Just My Education

I went to business school with a specialization in management information systems.
This was at a time when the personal computer was just starting to take off.

Hofstra University

Bachelors of Business

1987 - 1991
Classes included system design, programming, marketing, management, economics and business planning.


Portfolio of UX Design

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Let's Keep In Touch

Ways to reach me on the internets.

David Friedel
Littleton, Colorado
United States.
contactme AT davefriedel.com

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David Friedel